New consoles can’t save software from 24% decline, but industry sales rise

NPD report reveals the biggest Nov ever for hardware in US; BF4, Call of Duty not enough to spike game sales. The NPD Group has released its report for the month of November (covering US point-of-sale data from November 3-30) and the good news is that total industry sales did increase by seven percent to $2.74 billion. Hardware sales rocketed up 58 percent, as you might expect with next-gen system launches, to $1.327 billion. The accessories category, which typically gets a lift from new hardware as people buy extra controllers and other items, also jumped 17 percent to $327.4 million. The downside, however, is that even with top-tier AAA games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, software took a 24 percent dip year-over-year, generating sales of $1.1 billion (including PC and portables).

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