Wii U “is the wrong product for consumers” – Pachter

Pachter says Nintendo forecasts are too optimistic, says Wii U “is the wrong product for consumers”

It’s been a year since Nintendo stopped making Wii games, but the system and its software continue to sell. In fact, Wii hardware and software are selling better than Wii U consoles and games through the first half of Nintendo’s fiscal year.

In Nintendo’s first-half earnings report (the six months ended September 30), the company today revealed that it sold 470,000 Wii systems worldwide since April, compared to 460,000 Wii U systems. The disparity on software sales was considerably greater, with 14.90 million Wii games sold worldwide for the period. With a much smaller installed base (3.91 million compared to the Wii’s 100.3 million), the Wii U managed to sell 6.3 million games in the half-year.

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