Square Enix Gets Into Crowd-Funded Gaming, With a Tantalizing Twist

Square Enix, international conglomerate behind everything from Final Fantasy to Tomb Raider would like to help your best game ideas get some crowd-funding. Oh, and they might let your game star some of their characters. Whoa. Slow down there. Eidos characters. You ain’t going to be remaking Final Fantasy VII. (…) The twist is that the games can use some of Square Enix’s older intellectual property from its Eidos brand, though a rep for the project declined to share details on which Eidos properties those would be. (The games don’t have to be based on Eidos stuff; they can be original.) The rep also declined to mention which platforms would be a part of this—if this was just a PC or mobile thing or a console thing or what. Details on all of that will be forthcoming at GDC Next.

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