Wargaming looks toward $200 billion industry revenue

Wargaming’s Victor Kislyi has set the games industry a goal of $200 billion in total annual revenue by 2016. Speaking at DICE Europe today, Kislyi pointed to the industry’s current $75 billion annual revenue as evidence of unrealised potential. The games industry, he said, is in the entertainment business, and so its revenue shouldn’t be viewed in isolation, but in the context of the combined revenue of every entertainment industry – all of which are in the business of, “killing time.” Kislyi outlined a number of ways the industry could reach this goal. Hit mobile games like Clash of Clans and Puzzle & Dragons earn enough daily revenue to entice new investors to the industry, while the borderless nature of digital media has made it possible for much smaller western companies to explore markets beyond the traditional gaming strongholds in North America and Europe. He also suggested the possibility of big games – League of Legends and World of Tanks, to use Kislyi’s example – sharing data and insights through popular social platforms like Facebook, each reinforcing the other’s success.

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