Xbox One CPU speed boosted by 10% in vain attempt to keep up with PS4

In a move that clearly signals Microsoft’s desperation to get ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 4 by any means possible, the Xbox One’s CPU has been speed boosted from 1.6GHz to 1.75GHz — 150MHz, or just under 10%. At the same press conference, Microsoft also said that the Xbox One has entered mass production, and that it’s on schedule for a November release — though we still don’t have an exact release date. (Updated: November 22 now seems likely.) If you’re a core gamer — the demographic that console makers primarily target — the speed bump sounds like you’re getting some extra performance for free. In reality, this is just marketing swill; the PS4, by virtue of its much beefier GPU, will still be much more powerful  than the Xbox One — on paper, anyway.

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